Hey, I'm Erin.

I am an East Coast native that now calls Austin, TX home. I grew up in a small town in NJ and made my way to Texas six years ago to start my career as an engineer. Moving cross-country has been an adventure that has changed my life for the better, and I haven’t looked back.

By day, I am now a full-time student finishing up an MBA program at the University of Texas. Though I’m still very passionate about women pursuing STEM careers, I’ve transitioned out of engineering to broaden my perspective on business and have endless ideas and intentions for starting my own company in the future. Despite my career aspirations and interests, my life truly revolves around my health and bettering myself every day - mentally and physically.

Over the years, I've overcome debilitating stomach issues by experimenting with nutrition, and I've transitioned from being a competitive dancer throughout my childhood to a competitive athlete and fitness enthusiast today. It is my intention to share inspiration for stepping into an attainable health and wellness lifestyle, overcoming hardship, achieving your potential, and most importantly, believing in yourself..whether you're after better health and wellness or just a happier life.

My husband, CJ Finley, and I, grew up as childhood best friends and reconnected a few years ago without knowing a simple visit would change our lives. We quickly realized we were on similar missions in life and that paving the path together would be better than going at it alone. Together, we strive to connect with mission-driven people and others passionate about making a positive change in the world through community, connection, and a strong purpose. We started the brand, ThriveOnLife, to spread the messages we believe in and connect with like-minded people.

If you are in the Austin area and want to chat - health, business ideas, running, fitness, entrepreneurship, LIFE - reach out!


Thanks for stopping by!

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