Hey, I'm Erin.

I’m an East coast native that moved to Texas five years ago to start my career. I worked as a Chemical Engineer/Software Consultant on that independent woman hustle for a while, but I recently moved to Austin, TX to return to school full time for my MBA and pursue my bigger dreams. Despite my career aspirations and interests, my life truly revolves around my health and bettering myself every day. Over the years, I've overcome debilitating stomach issues by experimenting with nutrition, and I've transitioned from being a competitive dancer throughout my childhood to a competitive athlete and fitness guru today. I strive to find positivity in every situation and spread that inspiration to others. Most of my blog centers around healthy food and fitness, but you’ll find some reflections about my career and daily life in there, too. 

I hope this blog inspires you to live a little healthier, find confidence in yourself to chase your dreams, and seek a little adventure :). Feel free to leave some feedback and follow me on Instagram!

Thanks for stopping by!