Stop Waiting

You’re never going to feel ready. But when you start to feel more excited than afraid, that’s when you should just go for it.

I’m the type of person that finds comfort in waiting and grinding silently to put in more and more work. I have a natural tendency to feel like there’s always more work that can be done. And there is. But why wait when you can be testing, executing, and learning what work is actually necessary?

I’ve waited to speak up in front of others until I felt like I knew for sure what I was going to say had merit and validation. I’ve waited to apply to programs until I felt like I was a good enough applicant. I’ve waited to share ideas until I felt like they were hashed out enough in my mind. I’ve waited to race until I felt like I put in the most preparation possible. I’ve waited to take the trip or adventure because I felt like there was more to do and achieve first. I’ve waited to put myself out there, simply because I’ve always felt like I could do more FIRST. I’m sharing this because I think many can relate, and I want to encourage you to take action on your life.


I recently led a workout in front of a crowded room, some familiar faces but many new ones.

It was exhilarating to be in the front of a room with a mic, stepping into something years before I never would have done.

Whatever it is you’re “waiting for,” you need to start somewhere and accept in your mind that it is going to be a journey. It takes effort and reflection and a willingness to adapt, but most of all, it takes courage to start.

How do I push myself to start and go when I catch myself holding back?

  1. Effort. I remind myself of all the things I’ve already accomplished. I think about the fact that I didn’t magically achieve them; I committed to it and I put in the work from zero. The first time you do anything will not be the best time.

  2. Reflection. I am in a constant state of self-analysis. I think about what I did and what I can do better, whether it’s a big responsibility or something as small as a conversation. I write notes, take videos, and seek feedback from others.

  3. Vision and a first step. I envision my future and realize that I need to reverse-engineer down to the tiniest step possible and take it in order to get closer. Taking that first step is hard, but the future you want isn’t going to fall into your lap on its own, and what do you have to lose?

  4. People. I surround myself with others that are also on similar missions. They are actively trying to expand their comfort zones, they’re taking action, and they are adapting with feedback in the process. Hang around people that have gone through this process and can provide encouragement to you.

  5. I also remind myself that we have ONE shot at this life. We can either try now, or wait and hope that one day we’ll get another chance to.

I am nowhere near an expert at this mindset, but I am working on it every day. I’ve done a lot of work over the years to switch my mindset towards executing and adapting, rather than hiding and perfecting, and I hope that these tips are valuable if you find yourself resonating with any of those feelings. I can assure you that taking the step and putting in the work to improve once you’ve STARTED, is so much better than waiting and watching time pass you by. I will always stand behind preparation (and am not at all saying to forgo it), but I’ve realized there is so much more to gain from DOING. Every minute spent in contemplation is a minute you could’ve spent making progress toward your goals.

What are you waiting for?